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It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn of Entrepreneurship

Understanding the investment process in Silicon Valley used to require membership to a very exclusive club of investors, plugged-in media and experienced entrepreneurs. Adeo Ressi sought to change that. After starting seven successful companies that created over $2 billion in shareholder value he was faced with diminishing equity with each new company he would start. In 2007, Ressi unveiled the anonymously backed in 2007 to shine a light on the situation to improve the human and financial relationships between investors and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and around the world.

Since then, Ressi launched The Founders Institute in 2009 as an early-stage startup accelerator and global launch network that helps entrepreneurs create meaningful and enduring technology companies. The institute as launched 550 companies in 27 cities across five continents. When asked to share his best advice for budding entrepreneurs, Ressi reminded us to stay true to the mission and customer value, “It truly is always darkest before the dawn in entrepreneurship. Don’t throw in the towel even when it seems the worst…it’s part of the journey of success.”

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11 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn of Entrepreneurship”

  1. Carolyn says:

    27 cities in 5 continents… but not in Canada. Too bad.

  2. Max Minzer says:

    The point Adeo made about being passionate about what you do is so critical, indeed. It applies to every aspect of our lives.
    The joy and satisfaction you get when passionate about your business is the best kind of advertising or “story” that your customers can see and genuinely want to be a part of.

    Another great interview, Brian! Superior!

  3. I really like the way he is dealing w/ entrepreneurship being serious, mature and very consequential. It annoys me the sensationalism around the theme that is so important for the life of people, their survival and so much can be lost. He got me. Tks, Brian and Adeo 🙂

  4. I wish more entrepreneurs cared about making a difference like Adeo does. I think it would make the Valley and beyond a much better place to work, live and network. Great interview Brian.

  5. Joe Griffin says:

    Very cool hearing this perspective. Some interesting stats around funded companies, dysfunction, transparencies, and positive change. Good stuff guys. I took action and checked out The Founder Institute.

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