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Multi-tasking is not a superpower, it’s a weakness – without mastery, digital distractions are causing more harm than good

It’s 2021, the second year in a row that SXSW is not being held live in Austin.

During the last, live SXSW, I launched my latest, and first personal book on individual empowerment to overcome our social dilemma. Algorithms have certainly earned their wages lately as it’s time for the virtual edition of SXSW 2021 and I’m flooded, thankfully, with memories of 2019.

During the craziness of the Lifescale launch at SXSW 2019 in Austin Texas, I met the international team from Mount Bonnell Media. They invited me to record a quick video on an open balcony in the busy convention center, and I was more than happy to step outside and join them. Their audience after all, is one that’s near and dear to me…young entrepreneurs (and all entrepreneurs honestly).

I wanted to share our discussion with you here…

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Brian Solis SXSW 2019 Keynote

Brian Solis, Author, Keynote Speaker, Futurist

Brian Solis is world-renowned digital analyst, anthropologist and futurist. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker and 8x best-selling author. In his new book, Lifescale: How to live a more creative, productive and happy life, Brian tackles the struggles of living in a world rife with constant digital distractions. His model for “Lifescaling” helps readers overcome the unforeseen consequences of living a digital life to break away from diversions, focus on what’s important, spark newfound creativity and unlock new possibilities. His previous books, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design and What’s the Future of Business explore the future of customer and user experience design and modernizing customer engagement in the four moments of truth.

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ONE COMMENT ON THIS POST To “Multi-tasking is not a superpower, it’s a weakness – without mastery, digital distractions are causing more harm than good”

  1. I appreciate this post and video resource, Brian. It is true that we are so addicted to tech and can be damaging to our psychology. We first need to admit that we are distracted, as you mentioned, before we can heal.
    My hope is to be a more creative entrepreneur and to live holistically and I want to learn how to do just that.
    I look forward to reading more of your content, your book, and watching your videos.

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