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Lexus Debuts Darkcasting: A New Social Web Series

I recently had the opportunity to work with the Lexus team on an creative new project, Darkcasting, the company’s new social web series designed to launch the Lexus CT 200h. The Lexus CT 200h is a new compact full hybrid, equipped with some very compelling features as well as various driving and atmosphere modes to suit the many moods of the person in control – seriously.

I was cast in the series without obligation to blog or tweet. But, I do feel it’s worth sharing…and I think they knew I would anyway.

Darkcasting puts a spin (yes, pun intended) on the traditional talk show. Whitney Cummings and her guests cruise around their hometowns, in my case it was San Francisco, discussing the background of each guest as well as capturing the beautiful randomness that can only happen when two strangers sit in an unfamiliar setting, filmed by over 10 cameras in three different vehicles, while driving at the same time.

The show traveled to some of the most scenic cities in the country, creating a rich backdrop for the shows and the right ambiance for each conversation. Darkcasting visited New York, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Miami.

Guests include…

New York
: Carlo Mirarchi, good friend Baratunde Thurston, Harley Viera-Newton

San Francisco: Goapele, DJ QBERT, Chef Matt Accarrino

Each series also includes interesting back stories and behind-the-scenes footage to keep visitors engaged beyond the episode.

Whitney, if you read this…don’t poke me unless you really mean it (inside joke, you have to watch the video).

Special thanks to James Andrews (@keyinfluencer) for setting up this opportunity.

View more at The Darker Side of Green

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9 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Lexus Debuts Darkcasting: A New Social Web Series”

  1. I was a bit confused that Whitney Cummings link in your article takes one to your twitter feed?

  2. Brian, I must find a way to work with you one day 🙂 I appreciate these glimpses into energy filled campaigns such as this. Have a wonderful day & weekend!

  3. Carin Galletta says:

    I love how experimental Lexus can be. It flies in the face of their conservative image. And you did a great job, very relaxed, it’s not easy. Great concept, but it does get a bit schizophrenic at points and wish she was a bit more educated about social media.

    However, I believe they could achieve more with some careful editing to come in below the 5 minute mark. But hey, maybe that’s what will make it cool for their intended market.

  4. HoaiPX says:

    Oh nice, thanks for your information!

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