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Tracking the Obama Inauguration Across the Social Web: PeopleBrowsr Helps You Listen and Engage

Disclosure, I’m an adviser to PeopleBrowsr…

In early December, we released a public alpha of PeopleBrowsr, an attention-centered dashboard for managing your online relationships, brand management, and communication in Twitter and across multiple social networks – all from one place.

The public alpha is running incredibly well and thanks to everyone who contributed feedback, ideas, and recommendations, the public beta will be even more incredible.

If you’re a brand manager, communications or customer service professional, community manager, or on the product support or development team, PeopleBrowsr may very well be the most comprehensive, real time monitoring and engagement solution available today. My good friend Sukhjit, created a phenomenal video demonstrating how she tracked conversations, images, and videos related to the inauguration of President Obama on Twitter and across the Social Web – as it happened.

Hopefully this helps you…

3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Tracking the Obama Inauguration Across the Social Web: PeopleBrowsr Helps You Listen and Engage”

  1. sukhjit says:

    Wow! Thank you Brian for passing this video around. I had so many PeopleBrowsr stacks going during and after the inauguration. It was truly amazing. Being able to see my friends flickr pics from DC, youtube videos and do location based stacks of friends talking about Obama around the globe was fun. On top of that, I was working! I had stacks open so I could keep an eye on the PeopleBrowsr community too.

    Thanks again for telling your friends about this video! Now I wish I would have fixed up my hair a bit! Take care! –sukhjit

  2. billso says:

    Great demo! I’m going to use this as an example in my graduate courses this week.

  3. BradCoy says:

    Good job, Sukhjit!

    I was not aware of peoplebrowser.. will have to take a look at it. Thanks!

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