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The Human on the Other Side of the Screen

The Human on the Other Side of the Screen

I was in New York recently meeting with the IBM Watson team. While there, I had the the opportunity to sit with Robert Schwartz in the company’s Astor Place studio to record a podcast for a new series, “THINK Leaders,” which provides insights and advice on data-driven leadership for the C-suite. The conversation and the topics were quite provocative and eye-opening. So much so, that I wanted to share it with you here so that it may help, in some way,…

Tracking the Obama Inauguration Across the Social Web: PeopleBrowsr Helps You Listen and Engage

Disclosure, I’m an adviser to PeopleBrowsr… In early December, we released a public alpha of PeopleBrowsr, an attention-centered dashboard for managing your online relationships, brand management, and communication in Twitter and across multiple social networks – all from one place. The public alpha is running incredibly well and thanks to everyone who contributed feedback, ideas, and recommendations, the public beta will be even more incredible. If you’re a brand manager, communications or customer service professional, community manager, or on the…

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