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Participation Is Marketing: Now Is Gone Podcast Series #2

As the official Social Media Release from Bartelby Press hitting the streets today, so does part two of our podcast series discussing the seven principles of community engagement uncovered in the upcoming book, Now is Gone.

In the “Participation Is Marketing” podcast we discuss:

  • Most companies make the mistake of assuming that merely publishing blog posts is all they need to do to “participate.”
  • Participation requires a shift from organizational-centric based communications to customer or community-centric communications – Think Customer Service 2.0.
  • Enhance your marketing department by creating a new department for social media/community engagement. This integrates with the larger marketing effort.
  • Participation example regarding popcorn manufacturers (see Conversation Agent Valeria Maltoni’s Restoring the Faith in Popcorn post)
  • The nature of traditional marketing titles and tools are not effective. It requires a different, philosophy, role, and approach.
  • The need for relationship building skills a la Dale Carnegie. It’s the sociology of social media.
  • Chris Heuer and his timeless post, “Participation is Marketing“
  • Attraction versus Promotion: Participation attracts people, while promotion sells them.

Jump here to listen to it via the Web or if you prefer to download, click here.

Click here to listen to Now is Gone Podcast Series #1: Audiences versus Communities (12 minutes).

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