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Interview with Robert Scoble – From Social Media to Corporate Media

Video Series #2 – Robert Scoble

What started as a special test program for PodTech, has now spawned a life of its own. I’m running this particular series here, in advance of PodTech, because PR2.0 is a forum for exploring the fusion of Social Media and PR as well as the bubbling activity behind the Social Media Release.

Alison McNeil (who is a frequent contributor to this blog) and I caught up with Scoble at the recent “Social Media to Corporate Media” conference in Palo Alto to talk about how social media tools can benefit corporate media (advertising, marketing and PR) and improve overall customer, press, and influencer relations along the way.

Video Two – Robert Scoble

The series includes some very important interviews with those truly behind the evolution of Social Media, including Jeremiah Owyang, Chris Heuer, and Chris Carfi.

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2 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Interview with Robert Scoble – From Social Media to Corporate Media”

  1. daniela barbosa says:

    Great stuff Brian- i was wondering when these were going to show up! I am always impressed with conferences that let me ‘share’ the experience with my peers that are unable to be there live. We have our conference blog posts (which we tag for conferences- can’t wait for the session you and Greg are running at the Web2point2 conference on that), our photos, our podcasts and now our videos.

  2. Brian Solis says:

    Daniela, thank you so much. Looking forward to catching up at 2point2!

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