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From Social Media to Corporate Media – Video Series #1

Well, it’s a long time coming but we finally got everything edited and published for you to enjoy.

What started as a special program for PodTech (official program to be announced soon), has now spawned a life of its own. I’m running this particular series here, in advance of PodTech, because of the fusion of Social Media and PR and the bubbling activity behind the Social Media Release.

There are some very important interviews with those truly behind the evolution of Social Media and its influence on marketing, PR and advertising, including Robert Scoble, Jeremiah Owyang, Chris Heuer, and Chris Carfi.

I’ll run this over the next couple of days, so enjoy!

Video One – Setting the Stage
Brian Solis and Chris Heuer

Feel free to forward passed my intro directly to Chris’ welcome speech.


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