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Beyond the Hype of Web3: Delivering Utility, Value And Community in the Next Web

Beyond the Hype of Web3: Delivering Utility, Value And Community in the Next Web

Originally published in Forbes My dear friends Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells asked me to open Web 3.1, a new unconference series they founded. The goal of the event was to explore ways to deliver the promise of web3. This article is inspired by the research that went into my presentation and the conversations that followed. You can watch the presentation here. Since October 2021, Google Trends data shows that “web3” as a search term started to take off. The…

Web3.1 Keynote: The Promise of Web3

Web3.1 Keynote: The Promise of Web3

via Chris Heuer, founder, Web 3.1 – Please join us in building our Web 3.1 community, and designing the organization which we will co- own together on Wednesday April 6, 2022 at Beyond Web 3.1. A highlight of the Web 3.1 Leadership Summit was the keynote from Brian Solis, a renowned author and innovation leader at Salesforce. In his live kickoff, he spoke about where we are and where we need to be, to leave the world better off than…

Impatience is a Virtue: What’s Next for Social Business

Impatience is a Virtue: What’s Next for Social Business

Guest post by Philip Sheldrake as a reply to Chris Heuer’s post, “Social Business is Dead! Long Live What’s Next!” As he finished a game of Cut The Rope on his iPhone, my young godson asked what my phone was like when I was his age. I broke it down for him. I was in my twenties before someone offered to take north of ten thousand dollars for a basic digital camera, and not much less for a GPS device….

Social Business is Dead! Long Live What’s Next! – Chris Heuer

Social Business is Dead! Long Live What’s Next! – Chris Heuer

Guest post by Chris Heuer, CEO, Alynd (@chrisheuer) When I heard Marc Benioff was giving up on pursuit of “Social Enterprise” as the focus of Salesforce’s marketing, I  remarked to my Deloitte colleagues that “Social Business has won the day.” I felt vindicated after being an early proponent advocating for organizations to become Social Businesses, believing that IBM’s marketing might would be the catalyst to consolidate the movement around this language and meaning. Six months after leaving Deloitte to start…

Twitter is real-time “anywhere” messaging and networking

twitter is the message heard around the world – so to speak or so to read. It’s an incredible phenomenon that is spreading faster than online parodies of Snakes on a M F Plane…and in my opinion, it has to be the fastest growing social tool out there right now. It’s everywhere, anywhere messaging so that you can stay in touch with friends, fans, stalkers, and associates whether on the Web, instant messaging, or through text messaging. Each update is…

Thank You for Bringing Attention to the Need for Change

The conversation regarding the need for evolution in PR still rages on (with the SMR aka hrelease at the center of the controversy.) Some bloggers “get it,” others are forcing us to do a better job explaining what we’re actually doing, while some (and the people who read their blogs) completely miss the point. If anything, this conversation demonstrates why the blogosphere (and most importantly, people) will chew-up and spit-out traditional PR and corporate marketing types – without thinking twice….

Enough Already: Getting the Social Media Release All Wrong

After spending a week writing “Social Media Killed the Press Release Star,” which painstakingly explains in great detail the need to improve the content and overall relevance of PR and press releases as well as putting a microscope on why the hell a social media (or let’s just call it “an overhauled”) release WILL exist, people still don’t get it. Good friend, Stowe Boyd wrote an interesting post that I’m afraid is drawing the wrong kind of attention to an…

Social Media Killed the Press Release Star

A New Year is upon us and I think I’ll start off the New Year with a rededication to the Social Media Release (SMR), the Social Media Club, and why the hell all of this will matter to marketing, communications and PR professionals this year. The truth is that somewhere along the way, a few of those who “got it” embraced it as their own, those who are just now learning about it are “not getting” it, and a few…

From Social Media to Corporate Media – Video Series #3

Video Series #3 – Jeremiah Owyang, Chris Heuer, and Chris Carfi. What started as a special test program for PodTech, has now spawned a life of its own. I’m running this particular series here, in advance of PodTech, because PR2.0 is a forum for exploring the fusion of Social Media and PR as well as the bubbling activity behind the Social Media Release. The series features some very important interviews with those truly behind the evolution of Social Media. Alison…

How to Write a Social Media Press Release – Part II

“How to Write” a Social Media Press Release Template Now Available In Honor of the 100th Birthday of the Press Release, New Worksheet Explains Social Media and the Process of Writing SMPRs See example, history, and additional information here. I. Headline: Insert a short, compelling headline that features keywords, not buzzwords, to attract attention and legitimate interest by those who cover your space as well as potential customers. II. Sub Headline: The Subhead should further explain why someone should continue…

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