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Rocketboom Gets a Prescription for Fun – Thanks Dr. Tiki

In one of the best Mashups in vlog history, Rocketboom 2.0 met Tiki Bar TV celebrating its first “Casual Friday” with new host Joanne Colan.

Colan introduced the episode acknowledging that usually RocketBoom would not run its normal Casual Friday episode, because she was “dying” to jump into the news.

While reading the day’s top story about some ArchBishop (wasn’t really paying attention), Dr. Tiki from TikiBarTV, leans into view, stares into the camera, and states, “It’s Friday. And yes, it’s supposed to be a casual day.”


A surprised and confused Colan (playful of course) responds, “Excuse me?” “Where’s your festivity, your cocktail, it’s casual Friday…you need cocktails to relax. I know just the one, a Bloody Mary.”

Suddenly we’re graced with LaLa’s presence and a perfectly in-character Dr. Tiki writing a prescription for his Bloddy Mary….oooh La La.

Colan, (staying to script) tries to get back to the news (after taking a shot of course).

Suddenly LaLa sneaks on set and passes a note.

Colan stops her report and states, “WE have breaking news, I’m now going over to Johnny Johnny.”


Johnny Johnny takes over and helps us to learn the art of making a good Blood Mary.

It’s all in good fun, and Colan’s curiosity finally gets the best of her and she appropriately celebrates Casual Friday with the cast of TikiBarTV. Other than the poor sound quality (which was strange), Andrew Baron, Joanne Colan and the rest of the Rocketboom crew truly surprised me with this episode. And, I as a huge fan of TikiBarTV, I felt that highly creative vlog mashup will generate tremendous buzz for all parties. I applaud the first week of Rocketboom 2.0 and look forward to what Baron has up his sleeves for future episodes.

Amanda, I also look forward to your next project. Rumor has it that it’s going to be a big deal…for you, your brother and Mario.

Here’s to a great week.

Cheers everyone!

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4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Rocketboom Gets a Prescription for Fun – Thanks Dr. Tiki”

  1. welcome to wallyworld says:

    “In one of the best mashups in vlog history” – you really gotta wonder what drugs you’re on. That’s gotta be one “of the worst mashups in vlog history”. You are an idiot. I wouldn’t give credence to anything you have to say.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Waly, Wally, Wally, where are your manners? Why the nasty comment about drugs, wherefore the inane remark about VLOGS, what is a VLOG anyway?

    And a mashup? The last mashup I heard about wiped out the Tongan royal family?

    Do VLOGS actually have a history? Does a one year old have a history? Wally, are you history yet?

    Finally, Mr. Solis is usually on target and very credible so in the credibility wars I would opine that you stand somewhere between George Bush and Oliver North.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wally is located in France, so that might explain it. And his profile picture is a little telling. Wally, why are you so hostile? This blog is helpful to me and a lot of other people I checked out your blog, so not sure where you’re coming from.

    Nonetheless, I thought Rocketboom meets TikiBar was clever and definitely seemed to help win over critics. And Solis’ take was right on the money. I just read an article that said “Amanda was to become the first vlogger to cross over from the web into hollywood fame.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wally, si c’est votre vrai nom, comment pouvez-vous insinuer que Brian dispose d’une source de drogue apte a le rendre intelligent? Walter, ou Gauthier de Paris, je soupconnerais volontier que la source de votre arrogance reside plutot dans l’ignorance de l’humour bien particulier du Gens Americanus. A l’instar de l’humour cerebrale britannique, personnifie par l’inimtable Margaret Thatcher, l’humour amerloque se situe souvent a un niveau plus bas et centralise dand le corpus humanus lui meme.

    Enfin, je ne peux qu’admirer votre selection du mot exacte pour decrire le vlog lui meme, si pas l’auteur de la piece.

    Sincerement votre, et dans l’attente de pouvoir utiliser des accents convenables, je reste votre serviteur admiratif,

    Pierre Lebrun

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