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Tubefilter: Brian Solis Wants To Rescale Your Life To Thrive In A Digital Age

Tubefilter, the most trusted and widely read source for online video news, analysis, and events, caught up with Solis after he spoke at The Open Influence Summit to learn more about Lifescale and his new direction.

Explaining how far social media has strayed from its original intent, Solis relays how a dozen years ago, he wrote a white paper for the Department of Defense about the potential to use social media to get more people involved in voting. What’s happened since, of course, is that those same tools, that same potential, have been used to get people to not vote, among many other problematic and anti-social behaviors. “Twelve years later, the exact opposite has happened,” Solis said.

However, Solis remains optimistic, “The techniques of bots and fake news you can also use to have a positive experience,” Solis said. “If I’m going to take the same persuasive-design strategies and use it in a positive sense, could I make my life better than it was before? Can I make my creativity better? Can I make my work better? And the answer is yes. But the path back was not about technology. It was very much like any rehabilitation program and also (personal) development program. It’s much more of a human journey.”

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