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Amanda Congdon Stars in "Where are They Now"

Just when the blogosphere was starting to question her future, Amanda Congdon reminds us that she’s still around (and talented) with an amusing, but sad reminder of her current reality.

With a clever twist however, we zoom in on Amanda wearing a business suit, eating breakfast in front of an audience comprised of stuffed dolls at her parent’s home.

Congdon picks up a familiar stack of papers and begins to read the news to her captive viewers.

“In today’s news, Amanda Congdon is looking for a job.”

As the camera pans out, we see that she was only 1/2 dressed in a business suit, with pajama pants completing the other half of the power combo.

Her parents watch from the kitchen bar, shaking their heads, and respond with, “She needs a job.”

Next, we see Amanda as she runs from place to place trying to get a job – specifically in the service industry. Her targets included, McDonalds, Subway, and Dunkin’ Donuts until she finally struck gold, or shall we say silver (ware) at The Meeting Place.

Amanda then discusses her new venture and her new partner, played by her boyfriend, Mario.

As Amanda is flipping burgers, she claims that the transition has been pretty seamless. She looks enthusiastic as she boasts, “I found a new partner in no time. Now I’m on this totally different adventure in an entirely new space.”

Mario interrupts, “Where’s my coleslaw?” He then repeats “coleslaw, coleslaw, coleslaw,” until she responds with, “Life in the fast lane, gotta go…”

As the episode wraps up and in a playful reenactment of her falling-out with Andrew Baron, she asks Mario for her 49% of tips. He responds with, “You thought I was serious about that?”

She looks back in disbelief, and says, “ugh, I’m fired?!” and repeats it over and over until she storms out the back door.

Well, Amanda, thank you for reminding us that you’re still around and most likely working on the next big thing. This was a charming update and a great example of your wit and sense of humor.

While Rocketboom continues without you, it’s not the same show (although Joanne Colan is holding it together quite well in her own way).

Until next time.

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