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I’ve Joined Forward Moving – My First Article Posted Today

After seeing the new Adam Sandler movie, “Click,” I’ve found a way to stop time to do more things!

Among the million things I’m working on, I’ve joined Forward (Forward Thinking, Forward Moving) as Contributing Investor. This is an important project for me because in the early days of my career, I didn’t really have anyone to look up to for guidance. So, I’ve decided to share my experiences, successes and failures to help those around me grow. Each week I will contribute commentary, advice, and support to help up-and-coming PR professionals succeed in their careers.

About Forward
Forward is the collaborative effort of a team composed of students, faculty and professionals from around the globe from varying levels and areas of expertise.

Erin Caldwell is the founder and managing editor of Forward. Her recent post regarding my participation follows:

“We’re delighted to welcome Brian Solis to the Forward team. I’ve included his bio below so you all can read a little about his background. We’re looking forward to reading his contributions, so please join me in welcoming Brian!”

My first post is aimed at encouraging PR and marketing professionals to get out of the office and get LinkedIn!

If you’re a student or a starting-out in PR, please visit Forward for the best advice in career development!

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