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This is the Ultimate Catalyst for Change…is You

This is the Ultimate Catalyst for Change…is You

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself. I was invited to speak at a Bayer innovation event in Germany to the executives responsible for leading digital transformation. As I was sharing my work and observations, I noticed a different kind of graphic recorder was present. Rather than illustrating the conversation in real-time, the talk was presented as an actual digitally printed banner moments after the key segments of the talk. Here is a visual summary… This is the ultimate catalyst…

The Conversation Prism: The Landscape for International Social Networking

As Web 2.0 and Social Media became globally pervasive, the landscape proved expansive, overwhelming, and bewildering. It required a social cartographer in order to visualize its grandeur. Thus, in August 2008, the original Conversation Prism was born with the help of Jesse Thomas of JESS3. The Conversation Prism continues to rapidly evolve as social networks emerge, merge, and vanish. In fact, Jesse Thomas and I are already hard at work mapping version 3.0. One thing that we cannot overlook is…

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