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Think Big with AI! Join Me at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2024 in Las Vegas

I’m proud to announce that I’m leading two Think Big sessions at ServiceNow’s annual business transformation event, Knowledge 2024.

You’re invited!

More details below…

“Everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask about GenAI”

This eye-opening conversation with Jeremy Barnes, Vice President of Product Platform, AI, will share everything you need to know about GenAI. The session will review where GenAI is now, where it is going, and how it will help your work. During this session learn how these topics within the larger lens of what steps you should be taking to thrive in the intelligence revolution.

5/7 10:30 am and 5/9 12:45 pm.

“How to lead the intelligence revolution as an AI-first business”

Most companies are reacting to AI by plugging it into their existing infrastructure to automate processes. This may lead to faster, more efficient operations in the short term, but long-term success requires companies do more by becoming AI-first businesses. Instead of just responding, these companies fully embrace AI to challenge our fundamental business assumptions, disrupt markets, and transform how we live and work. Join this Think Big session to learn the steps to becoming an AI-first business and why you should be urgently taking action now to be at the forefront of the intelligence revolution.

5/8 1 pm and 5/9 2:15 pm.

You can save a seat here 👉 LINK

I would love to say hello if you’re coming to Vegas…excited to see you there! 🙌


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