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On the Futurists: Apple’s Vision Pro is Definitely Going to Usher in the Era of Spatial Computing

If you want an opinion on Apple’s Vision Pro and the promise of Spatial Computing, you can ask any expert. You’ll get plenty of thoughts and predictions. However, if you want a perspective based on a first-hand experience of actually using the Vision Pro and immersing themselves in an alternate plane between mobile, traditional computing, and the real world, well, here you go.

In this special episode of The Futurists, Brett King, Robert Tercek, Miss Metaverse, and I interview Brian Roemmele and Robert Scoble as we explore the likely impacts of Apple’s spatial computing now and in the future. Roemmele received a special invitation to attend the VIP debut at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino. He spent 30 minutes wearing the Vision Pro and it’s game changing.

Please watch below.

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