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Silicon: Technology Powering Business – Tech Trends in 2023

via Silicon: Technology Powering Business, According to Brian Solis…

Some companies are going to batten down the hatches and cut costs. Markets, though, will continue to evolve. Customers will continue to shop, make decisions, learn and exercise new behaviours, and gain new digital competencies. Competitiveness in this market becomes a matter of ‘digital Darwinism.’

To survive and thrive, businesses must adapt to the pace at which technology influences how society and technology evolves. And to do this, businesses need to be bolder, and wiser than their peers. Smart companies will reallocate resources to build the business of the future, today. Forward-looking executives will issue RFPs that seek vendor collaboration and solutions beyond immediate technological needs or basic automation. They will aim to develop customer-centred solutions that remove friction, effort, and emulate best-in-class experiences to compete.

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