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Zoom’s Work Transformation Summit: Humanizing the Customer Experience

Zoom is part of our everyday life now, creating new windows into work, entertainment, education, and augmenting how we communicate with one another and how we experience events and engagements…together.

I was honored to join Zoom’s Work Transformation Summit and have the opportunity to share the virtual stage with Chief Product Officer Oded Gal. The event explored “how to deliver impactful customer experiences” in  hybrid world, one where virtual interactions are the new normal and digital- and mobile-first behaviors open the door to experience innovation.

In our conversation, Oded Gal and I examined opportunities to “humanize the customer (and employee) experience.” We reflected on how employees and customers changed since 2020, the role video plays in designing innovative customer and employee experiences, and how leaders can embrace proactive wellness to guide more productive and meaningful engagements in every human touch point that defines your journey.

The session is available on-demand. A graphic recording of that conversation is above. I come in about halfway from left to right.

Here are some of the highlights! Or, follow the thread on Twitter.




About “Humanizing the Customer Experience”

9:00-9:45 am PT: Keynote: Humanizing the Customer Experience

Join Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, Oded Gal, for an inspiring keynote about the value of humanizing the customer experience and its power to propel your organization to greater success. The state of the customer experience is more important now than ever before and we must create meaningful relationships as the world become increasingly customer-centric. Our guest speaker, Brian Solis, is the Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce who will join Oded to explore the most “of-the-moment” trends and factors that are driving the evolution of the customer experience. And, we will provide an overview of Zoom products and innovations that can help you and your organization strengthen your customer experience efforts.

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