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Digital transformation: 3 focus areas to prioritize – The Enterprisers Project

via Joe Fizor and Scott Ward, The Enterprisers Project

Digital transformation is a business imperative for 2022 and beyond. Consider these three key areas to help ensure a successful strategy.

Digital transformation: The term has been around for years but its meaning often remains vague and largely undefined, even for IT decision-makers.

As a result, in 2021, an estimated $700 billion in digital transformation spending fell short of delivering the desired results. Common reasons include an overwhelming number of applications in an organization’s tech stack, a lack of technical knowledge to deploy new solutions, and resistance from employees to adopt new digital technologies.

3 digital transformation initiatives to prioritize

So how can you ensure that your organization maximizes its digital transformation investment this year? Let’s break down some of the significant areas of focus and notable directions for transformation in 2022.

1. Customer experience

The Harvard Business Review illuminates how dynamic this sphere has become. Author Brian Solis writes, “An authentically customer-centric company serves customers by knowing them. Each discipline within the organization is no longer functioning in isolation, but more like a relay racer passing a baton: sharing the data, insights, and opportunities for personalization and enchantment. It’s an embrace of 360-degree data, insights, processes, systems, and organizational models to center on the customer.”

Such forward-thinking strategies will become necessary as digital markets continue to grow and reach nearly unfathomable sizes.

2. Security

3. Edge computing, 5G, and SD-WAN

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