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Financial Times: Maersk hits cultural storms en route to digital destination

FT author Peggy Hollinger explores Maersk’s attempt to rebrand as a technology-led, end-to-end logistics provider is creating tensions. Original story link.

An article in that appeared in FT (Financial Times) referenced award-winning research conducted by Capgemini and Brian Solis. The report, “The Digital Culture Challenge: Closing the Employee-Leadership Gap,” was an industry-first study that measured the digital divide between front-line change agents and executives.

How Maersk deals with the tensions that arise from these changes could determine the success or failure of its transformation. “It’s not the strategy that is wrong,” said Lars Jensen, chief executive of shipping consultancy Vespucci Maritime and author of a book on the Danish group. “It is more in the communication . . . How do you perceive yourself? What is the core business? Is it to move boxes or information?”

Four years ago, a study by technology consultant Capgemini and digital analyst Brian Solis highlighted a sharp difference in perception about digital transformation between company executives and those on the ground. Some 85 per cent of top executives believed their organisations promoted collaboration on digital transformation internally, but only 41 per cent of employees agreed. While 71 per cent of leaders said discussions about novel business initiatives using new technology were open to all employees, only 41 per cent of those workers felt this was true.

The original report is embedded below…

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