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CIO: Generation Novel – Survey Reveals Potential Opportunities and Security Threats CIOs Face with A Hybrid Workforce

via CIO

The workforce has learned from COVID-19 challenges, and now Generation Novel demands more flexibility, security, and digital-first experiences.

This shift in the traditional work environment, mindset, and experience of the workforce, has spawned an entirely new cross-generational cohort dubbed “Generation Novel,” or Gen-N, for short. Coined by digital anthropologist Brian Solis, Gen-N describes a collection of people who thrive on digital-first experiences, and place greater value on personalization, customization, and transparency from the brands they buy from, work for, and support. Above all else, they also understand, use, and demand more from technology – both at home and work.

Those changes are evident in a recent study conducted by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company.

Aruba surveyed 5,018 hybrid workers across five of the largest markets in Europe, where 78% of respondents say they use technology more now than they did before the pandemic. 69% of respondents agree they now have more of an opinion on the technology they use at work and 71% feel it’s important to be able to customize their workplace tech set-up to suit their individual preferences—but within the structure, discipline, and security of a traditional office setting.

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