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PhocusWire: A new age for customer engagement in travel

Via PhocusWire

There is no time like the present to consider whether or not you engage your customers in the best and most valuable way.

Travel brands are desperate to be doing the right thing for passengers or guests, at the same time as getting operations running smoothly and efficiently once more.

Social media is one element of that effort but customer engagement through any channel has a lot more potential now than ever before.

This is due to the digital transformation of both society and the business world, coupled with the acceleration of technology and ease of use that has occurred due to the pandemic.

Brian Solis is a high-profile figure in the world of digital transformation, having been one of the early users of social media in the mid-2000s, writing numerous books on business innovation and generally understanding the social context behind so much of the development of technology in society.

He joined Kevin May, PhocusWire Editor in Chief,  as part of PhocusWire Pulse: A New Age For Social Media this week to share his perspective on the evolution of social media and the development of new tactics and, more importantly, requirements around customer engagement.

The full interview is available below…

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