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BizTech Magazine: Small Business IT Influencers to Follow in 2021

via @Keara Dowd, BizTech

These are the leading voices on the hottest trends affecting small businesses today.

After a year full of disruptions and an explosion of new trends, small businesses are settling into a new working routine. This includes a remote workforce that will need to collaborate with onsite employees, a human resources department tech savvy enough to build company culture remotely and a growing emphasis on data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. What’s more, small businesses need to navigate it all with an eye toward business objectives and growth.

These are areas of expertise for this year’s crop of top small business IT influencers. These executives, speakers and podcast hosts know how to use tech to take smaller organizations to the next level — and how to do it in today’s unprecedented working climate. From Twitter to LinkedIn and YouTube, here are 30 small business IT influencers to follow in 2021.

During the pandemic, technology has been used to connect people in new ways, allowing humanity to flourish despite social distancing restrictions. This is Brian Solis’s area of expertise. The bestselling author and keynote speaker explores digital trends and their impacts on various industries. Small businesses can gain useful insights into emerging digital strategies.

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