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CNET Asks Brian Solis to Weigh-In on the Rapid Rise of Clubhouse and Audio-Based Social Networking

Clubhouse is the latest Silicon Valley unicorn and it is white hot within the circles of early tech adopters and networkers. Writing for CNET, Erin Carson explores how the popular audio social network is capturing the attention of notable names like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. She reached out to Brian Solis for his thoughts.


Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg use Clubhouse: What to know about the exclusive service

Clubhouse, which is still in beta and isn’t yet available to the public, was founded by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. It’s an audio-based social platform. You can enter rooms (or create a room) and hear or participate in discussions on topics: how to pitch your startup idea, the future of marriage, whether Clubhouse is getting boring. Rooms generally have speakers, the way conference panels do, and moderators. The conversation is in real time, meaning you can hear folks throwing in their opinions about the subject at hand, and you can raise your hand to toss in yours as well.

Brian Solis, digital anthropologist and global innovation evangelist at Salesforce, who knows Davison and has been on the app since nearly the beginning, echoed this, remembering how people came together to exchange ideas online. He can see parallels with the evolution of events like SXSW, which started off more intimate and more homespun.

Whether Clubhouse pulls this off on a grand scale could have a major impact on its popularity post-beta.

“You need to start to think about what is that user experience going to look like, so that they’re finding conversations that are relevant to them at the right time, and also that they’re able to host and bring people into those conversations that would find them relevant,” Solis said.

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