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Employing an AI Futurist To Navigate the Post-Corona World

What does the world look like post-COVID?

It’s an interesting question because the answer is limited to our own imagination and ideas of what was good and what wasn’t in the world before COVID (BC).

As a contributor to Singularity University, I was excited to join Kris Østergaard on his Corporate Innovation Podcast for SingularityU. In this thoughtful episode, we explored a new concept I’ve been pushing to employ the role of an AI Futurist to navigate the Post-Corona, aka the Novel Economy. The episode is live and I’d love for you to listen and share your thoughts back with me/us.

Episode Highlights:

  • 1:28 Brian’s take on the pandemic from an innovation & business perspective
  • 4:30 Rise of ethics in business in a pandemic
  • 8:23 What has changed now vs then?
  • 12:03 What is the novel economy?
  • 16:04 What is an AI Futurist?
  • 22:33 Can businesses implement an AI Futurist?
  • 26:36 How to kickstart an AI friendly company?

Episode 16: An AI Futurist in the C-suite




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