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The Rise of Digital Darwinism and the Real-world Business Drivers for Digital Transformation


When I had an incredible opportunity to join Salesforce as the Global Innovation Evangelist, I jumped in with both feet. Shortly before starting, I partnered with long-time friend Sandy Carter at AWS to develop a playbook that helped AWS partners accelerate their digital transformation and innovation services to then do the same for organizations around the world. This is only more important now than when I wrote it.

Setting the stage to transform your business

Digital transformation (DX) is shaping the future of business. While it can mean different things to different leaders, DX is about migrating from on-premises and labor-based models to the cloud, then complementing migration with cloud capabilities and agility. But to stop there would miss the full potential of using the cloud to enable DX.

The potential of DX is the sum of its parts: “digital” and “transformation.” Explored in isolation, we’re limited to either the constant pursuit and implementation of new technologies that enhance capabilities or a focus on change to modernize and become more efficient and innovative. Combined, they represent the future of business, how it operates, how it serves customers and employees, and how it adapts to industry evolution.

DX is continuous, never ends, and never a “won and done” series of checked boxes. DX is how organizations continually respond to disruptive events, trends, and technologies – beyond IT. The most effective partners in a DX journey explore existing states and capabilities within, benchmark those results against industry best practices and customer needs, and apply those insights to a strategic digital transformation plan of their own.

Future-proofing public sector and commercial businesses starts with future-proofing partner businesses. The PTP is an accelerator to drive DX and business modernization from B2B all the way to B2C. The PTP provides partners with the guidance to accelerate the development of their AWS skills and expertise to better serve their government, education, or nonprofit and also commercial customers’ journeys to the cloud.

Introducing the AWS Partner Transformation Program eBook

For PTP partners to get started, AWS created a DX playbook “The AWS Partner Transformation Program: Setting the Stage to Transformation Your Business.”

The eBook explores digital trends, DX methodologies, and the needs and areas of opportunity for partner organizations. The eBook can help PTP partners chart a “transformation plan” to set the stage for their customers’ digital transformation.

The time is now to future-proof your business to future-proof your customer’s business.

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