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Imagining a New Era of Restaurant Experiences by Reinventing the Restaurant Industry

How different could the restaurant scene look in just the next handful of years?

Let’s find out…

Today’s customers live a connected lifestyle, more so now with a global pandemic shutting normal life down. Connected customers expect all of the conveniences and perks that come with the on-demand economy. They’re not only connected and always-on, they’re impatient, self-interested, distracted, and seeking experiences that mirror their favorite services and apps across every industry.

If you opened a restaurant today, what could it look like? Let me ask this question in a different way. If you had to open a restaurant in a world that’s hyper-sensitive to space in an era of COVID-19, one that appeals to hyper-connected customers, what could the experience be physically and digitally? What if the business model was no longer just about putting “butts in seats”, but also “food in bellies” and you had no limits to the new experiences you could deliver along the way?

This is where innovators need to focus. To reinvent the restaurant experience starts with reinventing the restaurant industry.

Shortly before the shutdown, I was invited to give the keynote at RestaurantSpaces in Los Angeles. While there, many of the brands shared that their corporate offices were ordering shutdowns that coming week. My research since this presentation only strengthens what was shared this day.

Please watch and share your ideas. Together we can build a new, more experiential future.

Leading digital anthropologist, futurist, and best-selling author Brian Solis explores evolving and disruptive trends in the restaurant and also direct-to-consumer industries to learn what customers expect from dining experiences. 

Creating restaurants for tomorrow’s impatient, distracted customer…

“Restaurants, when it comes to the future, are stuck in the past,” said futurist, Brian Solis. “They’re not moving as fast as they should, nor are they thinking as creatively as they can. They have to look not just within their industry but outside of it because that’s where all the disruption is happening.”

This presentation was recorded in Pasadena at RestaurantSpaces 2020. Produced by influence group, RestaurantSpaces is an annual one-of-a-kind retreat bringing together executives in design, development, and tech, to explore the future of the restaurant.

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