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Lifescale by Brian Solis Wins The Independent Press Award in Personal Growth Category

Lifescale wins the Independent Press Award for best book in the “Personal Growth” category. Wow.

Brian Solis wrote Lifescale when he observed in his work as a digital anthropologist that the pervasiveness of digital in our personal and professional lives was proving disruptive.

Over the course of two years, his research would discover the design techniques used to intentionally change our behaviors and make mobile devices, social media, and online games so addictive. He also learned of the true effects of those design techniques…from short attention spans, to multitasking to the loss of deep concentration and creativity to more emotional impacts including unhappiness, loss of self-esteem and self-worth, and even depression.

Persuasive design not only changed our behaviors, but in doing so, our new behaviors also changed how we think, feel, and act. More so, our health and wellness was also disrupted. Without some sort of intervention, without some sort of reflection or a ctrl-alt-del for life, our path was only going to become more dire.

Lifescale is the result of learning how to rewire ourselves and our health forward. The book and the journey readers take isn’t about going to a time before digital, nor is it asking anyone to give up their devices and favorite apps. Instead, Lifescale is about learning how to take control, to move forward, and open the door to new possibilities. It’s a journey toward newfound creativity, happiness, and success.

That’s what it means to lifescale, to reflect upon where and who you really are and learn how to scale, every day, toward your future self.

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