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In 2010s Wrap-Up, Brian Solis Looks Back on Instagram’s Impact and Forward to Its Next Wave

When ringing in 2020, Consumer Electronics website Tom’s Guide conducted a review of The 15 best tech products of the decade celebrating and analyzing 10 years of innovation in gadgets and online-integrated technology. In the piece, Solis lauded the idea that gave birth to Instagram as “a simple visual medium when most social networks were text-based.”

“Instagram has embraced a fast-follow strategy, meaning it looks at trends from emerging rivals to mimic those capabilities,” Solis said. “Like Stories from Snapchat, for example. It prevents people from leaving.” He noted the impact that a late-in-the-decade dark horse video sharing application may have on Instagram’s future development, explaining, “All eyes are on Instagram to emulate the TikTok experience to keep people from losing interest.”

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