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Grit Daily Covers Brian Solis’ Talk on Lifescale in San Francisco

Brian Solis was recently asked to give a talk on his latest book Lifescale at the long-standing and highly regarded SFNewTech event in San Francisco. Grit Daily’s Sandra Ponce de Leon, and long-time friend of Brian, attended to cover the talk. Her excellent summary of the event is published here.

Lifescale is a guide for unleashing creativity and a path to true happiness.

We are checking our smartphones an average of 47 times per day and spending close to 3 hours on our devices daily, according to a recent survey.

So what are we giving up every time we pick up those amazingly expansive yet incredibly addictive devices?

According to Serial Author, Futurist and Digital Anthropologist, Brian Solis…a LOT.

Brian’s book was born out a personal journey he took when he realized his own addiction in the process or rather attempt to write a different book. The constant distractions were changing the way he worked, causing him to procrastinate and impacting his creativity. He realized his struggle was not unique and that many (most) of us struggle from the same addiction, where we are seeking happiness through the external validation of others (mostly strangers).

Please continue to Grit Daily to read the article in its entirety.

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