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Article Awarding Pegasystems Mentions Brian Solis and His PegaWorld Keynote on AI

In an extensive article on ZDNet extolling the virtues of software giant Pegasystems and why they were a CRM Watchlist 2019 winner, Paul Greenberg – President of the customer strategy consulting firm The 56 Group, LLC – mentions Solis (an “uber-thought leader”) in reference to his keynote on artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise at the recent PegaWorld 2019.

In the CX section of a part of the article devoted to Pegasystems’ corporate narrative, Greenberg writes: “To the credit of Pegasystems, by 2015, as a well established player in the CRM world, they began to recognize they had to align with a market that was becoming increasing right brained in its requirements. The customer base was not only demanding efficiencies and cost savings, not just products and services, but the means to provide a great experience for their own customers.

“While this was an early, somewhat mis-characterization by the market of what tech companies thought they could do, (they cannot enable customer experience via technology), Pegasystems at PegaWorld showed their evolution toward the customer-facing emotional and behavioral by bringing uber-thought leader Brian Solis to keynote on the connected customer and customer experience. This signified a real evolution in Pega’s thinking yet, if you looked at their case studies and listened to the messaging, it was clear that they hadn’t forgotten their roots in BPM.”

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