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Australia’s Forte Magazine Features Article On Webinar Masterclass With Brian Solis

The uncredited piece begins: “Are you struggling with focus, procrastination, anxiety, self-esteem, forgetfulness, or creativity? Somewhere along the way, we have become distracted. Maybe we don’t realise the extent to which our everyday rituals, favourite devices and apps, or where we focus our attention is affecting us.”

The masterclass offers “practical tips, tricks, and insights directly from Brian Solis on how to be more efficient and productive in our technology-driven world. . .from simple first steps to reclaiming your attention, to becoming more satisfied, inspired, and creative; this masterclass based on Brian’s book, ‘Lifescale’ will lead you through your own journey of lifescaling: redefining success on your own terms.”

The one hour webinar masterclass with Q&R ran from September 5-9.

Read the entire article here:

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