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Brian Solis’ Co-Authored Digital Culture Challenge Report Cited In The Financial Brand Article On Digital Transformation in Banking

The report “The Digital Culture Challenge: Closing the Employee Leadership Gap” from Capegemini in partnership with Solis is cited by Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of the Financial Brand and Owner/Publisher of the Digital Banking Report in his article “Culture Key to Digital Transformation Success in Banking, Not Technology.” It appeared on The Financial Brand site.

According to the report, corporate culture is the culmination of how a company works and operates. It is composed of the collective experiences of employees – what they believe in and what they value. Leadership, purpose and vision also play a role in describing a corporate culture.

The reference is in response to a question the author asks: “How can a bank or credit union become more responsive to the digital opportunities in the marketplace without alienating current employees or negatively impacting what has made the organization successful in the past?”

Read the entire article here:

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