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Brian Solis Comments on “Persuasive Design” In Marketing Tech News Article On Social Media Addiction

Solis is quoted in a Marketing Tech News article by James Bourne called “Consumers are understanding the risks of social media addiction – but taking the next step is hard.”

The article starts with a study by Kapersky claiming that one in three consumers did not know how to fully protect their privacy online.  The research aimed to explore whether the outrage and scandal of various data breaches has led users to improving their data hygiene. The article mentions another recent report on Canadian consumers by Insights West, which found that weekly usage of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram continues to grow. More than four of five respondents said they are worried about the news and info showed to them on social media.

Solis talks in the article about the overall concern of persuasive design. “The compulsion to endlessly scroll, to play games when we should be working, to check Facebook and email when it’s not necessary, are all the result of psychological manipulation by the industry that creates these platforms.”

Read the entire article here:

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