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Solis Named One Of The Most Important CX Voices As Of May 2019

In an article paying respect to the Voices of CX podcast and its host, Worthix Chief Marketing Officer Mary Drumond, Solis – tapped as a guest on episode one of season two for his insight and influence in the customer experience field – is named one of the most important CX voices as of May 2019.

The article’s writer, Dennis Wakabayashi, lists five CXers he’s heard on Drumond’s podcast that “you too may want to learn more about.” He writes that Solis, “through his incredible work…aims to help leaders in their industry better understand how technology and people are changing and how to adapt to these changes.”

The entry includes a quote by Solis:  “I’m not a futurist by trade; I’m more of a futurist by practice. It’s not my role to try to predict the future although everybody wants to know what’s happening in five years, 10 years, 15 years. You can do your best to connect the dots between what is today, where it is going and then connect the dots between what is today, and what should be. They’re very different exercises.”

Read the entire article here:

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