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Lifescale and the Digital Transformation of Society and Business

Supporting his thesis that beyond the IT deployments across large organizations, it’s the “digital transformation of society that is really creating change,” Ross Quintana draws numerous examples from Solis’ book Lifescale. Quintana writes, “When I looked at the principles of his book I quickly saw the connection to all the stakeholders.”

Illustrating his point that “technology is the problem and the answer,” the author mentions that Solis talks in his book about the impact that distraction is having on us as individuals. He writes, “This also applies to employees (lack of inspiration, engagement, and retention) and customers (harder to get and hold attention to market, less brand loyalty, information overload).”

Quintana uses Solis’ story as a metaphor for a larger issue: “Just as Brian had to find personal balance and wrote a book on the key principles and tactics to find balance in this changing world, so also do organizations from leadership to employees need to find the same personal balance which then leads to organizational balance, which leads to societal balance.”

Quintana concludes by mentioning the key factors illuminated in Lifescale: distraction, purpose, deep work, ritual, expression, focus and self-esteem.

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