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Brian Solis Discusses the Problem of Digital Distraction and Need for A New Perspective on Digital Transformation on Workplaces Site

Solis is prominently featured in an article by Jason Schwab on the Workspaces Event site called “Designing Workplaces in the Age of Digital Distraction. Solis is heavily quoted in the first half of the piece before the perspective shifts to the ways wellness company Headspace is adapting its workplace to minimize distractions and boost productivity.

Introduced as “analyst, author and futurist” who believes there’s a dark side to the digital revolution, Solis says, “It’s killing us silently. Every time you get a notification, you break your rhythm of work and rhythm of flow. It takes you about 23 minutes or so to get back into the groove. On average, most people receive about 200 notifications a day. Not all of those are work-related, but what we’re talking about is an incredible loss in productivity. These distractions are robbing people of creative or deep work time.”

The author discusses how Solis became aware of the impact digital conditioning was having on his work life when he sat down to write his eighth book – and how reflection on these issues resulted in his creating his new book Lifescale. One of his key quotes in the article is: “Checking boxes to get the job done. That has become the new accomplishment.”

Solis also mentions how digital distraction not only kill productivity but also wears on our ability to focus – fueling a worldwide drop in employee engagement levels. Thankfully, the more elite businesses are now beginning to explore ways of counteracting the consequences of evolving work processes.

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