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Brian Solis’ Social Media Quote Among Classic Quotes from 22 Marketing Experts on LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

Solis is among 22 Marketing Experts quoted in a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog article by Megan Golden called “More Than Words: Classic Quotes from 22 Marketing Experts and Why They Matter.” The piece features Wisdom from Classic Marketing Experts, Digital Marketing Quotes for the Modern Pro,  Quotes from Content Marketing Experts and Social Media Marketing Quotes.

Solis’ quote is the first in the final section: “Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” Golden comments: “In this age of frenetic technological advancement, it’s easy to get caught up in the newest trendy tool and lose sight of what social media marketing really is: an opportunity to listen and learn. Solis, one of the industry’s foremost thought leaders, gets it right with this take.”

Read the entire article here:–classic-quotes-from-22-marketing-experts–and-w

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