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Brian Solis Quoted In Article On The Business of SXSW

A Solis quote about the reasons for the ongoing success of SXSW appears in an article by Carlos Gil titled “Breaking Down the Business of SXSW: How This Global Cultural Festival Rakes in Cash While Churning Out Opportunities for Those Who Make the Most of It.”

Solis’ words appear upon Gil’s reflection on “what makes this festival so successful and inspiring” after attending the 2019 event. Solis is described as an author, digital analyst, anthropologist and futurist, as well as one of the many amazing speakers at the 2019 conference. Solis’ quote: “You have people who every year say SXSW has jumped the shark, but yet every year there’s more hotels being built, more and more people coming, more traffic. That change is one of the reasons I love this event so much. It keeps you plugged into what’s relevant and cultural now, but also plugs you into what’s on the horizon.”

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