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Diginomica Debates Digital Transformation With Brian Solis: Is The Term Losing Its Meaning?

Diginomica co-founder Jon Reed digs into Solis’s annual report on digital transformation and questions if the term has become bloated and meaningless. Reed asked Solis, “What is sticking to the wall when we peel back the digital transformation hype? What is different this time around? Or is this just change management in a different garb?” to which Solis gamely replied, “I’m the first to say that “digital transformation” as a buzzword has reached eye-roll status. It is indeed a catch-all term that’s overused, even in instances that have no resemblance to trends that shape my research. At the same time, after researching it for six years and studying companies that are truly digitally transforming, I am also in great respect of it as a movement and a beacon for what it takes to compete for the future.

The debate continued with Solis explaining, “Digital change agents and change management specialists need each other. In a special report I published last year, The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto,” I observed that those pushing for digital transformation offered valuable expertise and perspectives not always inherent among change management leaders.”

But the reverse is also true. Solis thinks we need a “hybrid” of the two disciplines, focused on culture change adding, “At the same time, these digital change agents often lacked the skills and experience necessary to lead change management. I see a hybrid of two with a focus on the human side of change, which is heavily influenced by digital, driving successful transformation.”

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