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Brian Solis Discusses “Lifescale” On Daily Video Podcast “Digital Trends Live”


Solis had the opportunity to discuss his book Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive and Happy Life during an interview with Greg Nibler of the daily video podcast Digital Trends.  

He spoke about his background studying disruptive technologies and their impact on business and markets and the irony that somewhere along the way, he fell victim to those technologies. Lifescale, he explains, is about getting back on the path to focusing, breaking distractions and better routines and behaviors.

“Here’s the reality,” Solis says: “Every day, we live our lives using new tools, new apps, new services…but each one in their own way starts to change us, rewiring our brains and getting us to think and communicate differently. I essentially put together a guidebook for what it means to be alive today for those who can’t put their technology down. This means just about everyone. We live on all kinds of devices. Lifescale is really a manual for life, walking you through the process of rediscovering what’s important to you and putting that at the center of everything you do. It’s a journey to get us back into balance and teach us how to be a little more creative, especially in the era of machine learning and AI.

Greg asks Solis if there are any good apps and technology that helped him in writing Lifescale.  Solis mentions an app based on the Pomodoro technique that helps people focus in 25-minute bursts with five minute breaks. He also picked up the iPad pro with the “pencil” so he could express himself artistically. As part of the book launch, he also created Spotify playlists curated with songs that have specific kinds of beats that get you into a rhythm of thinking that helped him. He said he also uses Calm and Headspace to “get into the zone.”

“These apps and devices are addictive by design and the steps we take here are like the ones for those trying to deal with destructive habits like smoking, taking drugs or drinking,” Solis says. “Awareness of the problem is the place we can all begin.”

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See Solis’ interview here:

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