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The Marketing Centre – The Marketing Centre book club: Essential summer reading

July 2018 – The Marketing Centre crowdsourced a few book recommendations for some solid summer reading, and “What’s the Future of Business?: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences,” by Brian Solis was recommended by Jason Wills, Home Counties Marketing Director.


Digital analyst, sociologist and futurist Brian Solis scans the horizon to see what’s next for businesses. Solis doesn’t just explore trends and theories, but offers his vision as to how you can get ahead in uncertain times.

Why Jason chose this book: “Though this was written in 2013 I still think it’s very relevant today. It talks about the ‘dynamic customer journey’, and how every consumer touchpoint on that journey adds or subtracts from the overall customer experience.

“Given that context, it strongly recommends that as a business you need to ‘innovate or die’ with clear priorities on what to address. Solis has written three other books on innovation and consumer trends. ‘What’s the future of business’ is his second one, and he has written two more subsequently expanding on his work. So depending on your knowledge on the subject area, you could start at a different point in Solis’ bibliography.”

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