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Savvy Business Leaders Podcast – Futurist Brian Solis on Reinventing Field Service Management

Episode 4 of Savvy Business Leaders podcast features and interview with Brian Solis on the topic of how disruptive tech enables connected field service and is paving the way for new business models.

Excerpt: In this episode of the Savvy Business Leaders podcast series, host Bill Detwiler talks field service management with Brian Solis, Principal Analyst and Futurist at Altimeter Group, and Paul Bean, CEO of Mining Worldwide at Sodexo. Companies use field service management whenever they deliver products or services offsite. In part one, Solis explains how disruptive technologies are enabling connected field service and unlocking new business models. Then, we’ll learn how Sodexo is harnessing these technologies to make early, informed, and holistic decisions.

Listen to the full podcast episode here:

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