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MTA Martech Advisor – What’s Going to Keep CMOs Awake at Night in 2019

Based on the discussions with Brian Solis, and other CMO influencers, Christine Crandell talks about the biggest challenge for CMOs in 2019


From Mediocrity to Growth

Brian Solis is Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group. According to Brian, the right strategy, combined with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, positions marketing as an “enabler for total CX.”

Here is Brian’s prediction:

“If I could offer any advice to CMOs, it would be to swap out the ‘M’ for a ‘G.’ Legacy marketing is an endeavor toward building relationships upon a foundation of mediocrity. Instead, the ‘G’ represents an opportunity toward growth.

In an era of AI and machine learning, in combination with an open mind and a focus on the entire customer journey, the role of marketing can finally deliver customer experiences that meet or exceed modern customer expectations.

Doing so moves the purview of marketing beyond the top of the funnel and positions it as an enabler for total CX. And that makes marketing a partner in business growth and a partner to CEOs, boards and shareholders.”

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