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How Customer Service Is Guiding Digital Transformation

On Microsoft’s Savvy Business Leaders podcast series, host Bill Detwiler discussed with Solis how customer service is guiding digital transformation, with companies using data to be more accessible on mobile platforms and best meet customers’ expectations.

Asked why companies need to rethink customer experience, Solis explained that customer experience is the number one catalyst for digital transformation. He said, “The biggest thing about this is that customers are going through or undergoing profound changes in their behaviors, which ultimately affect their preferences and their expectations—so, for example, the Ubers of the world, who are fundamentally changing how consumers interact with industries and services.”

Solis added that consumers are becoming more mobile, more connected, and as a result, they’re becoming more informed and are starting to move faster while learning how to process and discover information faster. They are learning how to take control of their experiences. Businesses and services are starting to cater to them, to personalize to them in real time. He said, “In my research I have found that customers are willing to pay as much as 25 percent more for a comparable product if they know they’re going to have a great experience, and this changes the game.”

Solis also discussed the way companies cultivate the necessary digital skills to create this customer-centric experience – and in turn, how they empower employees within the organization to make the necessary changes.

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