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No Jitter: How Not to Become a Victim of ‘Digital Darwinism’

Tim Pickard of Enterprise Connect’s “No Jitter” blog recently did an article on how not to fall behind with the rapid pace of technology, and extensively quoted Brian Solis’ public thoughts on the subject.


While “digital transformation” may just sound like the next big buzzword, it describes the fundamental shift in attitude needed to survive. Brian Solis, one of the digital experts writing about this phenomenon, defines digital transformation as “the evolution (or revolution) of business philosophy, processes, models and systems to compete in a digital economy. Technology is and isn’t the answer to change.” What’s interesting here is that you can’t just throw technology at the problem; the answer lies more in how you use and think about new technology — it’s the way you let new technology shape your business, the same way it shapes the lives of your customers.

Read entire article at No Jitter

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