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V by Viacom: What VidCon Revealed About the Future of Brand and Creator Collaboration

Nicole Bitette of Viacom’s “V” blog recently did an overview of 2018’s VidCon, and extensively quoted Brian Solis’ event keynote address.


In the event’s keynote, Brian Solis, principal analyst of Altimeter Group, said influencer marketing is only a sliver of most B2B and B2C companies’ marketing outlays. He noted that the desire for as few as 5 percent of brands are interested in building relationships with influencers—as opposed to signing one-off campaigns with them—according Traackr and Altimeter, a Prophet company. Solis’ soon-to-be published report, Influencer 2.0, reveals that most companies are still in the early stages of influencer marketing, which is why the conference rooms at VidCon featuring discussions on how to work with an influencer were packed with representatives from brands and agencies.

Full article at V by Viacom

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