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TV(R)EV: Five Takeaways From VidCon For Brands, Influencers And The Rest of Us

David Bloom of the video industry blog TV(R)EV recently covered the 2018 VidCon event, and extensively quoted Brian Solis’ keynote address concerning how influencer marketing is useful for more than just the top of the funnel.


Some of the most powerful and brand-building content is actually the stuff showing new things you can do with a product once you’ve bought it. And this bottom-of-the-funnel, user-friendly content can be an evergreen turned up in searches for months or years after an initial campaign. Most brands are still using influencers in “the same old broadcast model,” more like celebrity endorsements in traditional TV ads largely designed only to increase brand awareness, Solis said.

Full article at TV(R)EV

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