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VendingMarketWatch: Highlights from NAMA Show 2018

by Amber Tucker, VendingMarketWatch (excerpt)

This recent article from VendingMarketWatch recaps key takeaways from NAMA Show 2018, a yearly event for the convenience services industry. Among the highlights of the event was a keynote address by Brian Solis, who spoke on the subject of disruption.

From the article:


The Harvard Business Review defines “disruption” as “a process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established incumbent businesses.” NAMA Show keynote speaker, Futurist, Brian Solis said it simply as: doing new things that makes the old thing obsolete. MicroMarkets were a disruptive force to the vending industry in the same way that Netflix and video streaming were disruptive to brick and mortar movie rental businesses. Disruption produces real innovation. The challenge this year is to find ways to disrupt business as usual in a way that spells positive change for your customers.

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