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L’Agenzia Di Viaggi: Brian Solis on Digital Darwinism in the Hospitality Industry

by Giorgio Miaggi, L’Agenzia Di Viaggi (excerpt)

This recent L’Agenzia Di Viaggi article looks at the new report from Altimeter Group and Sabre on the impact of Digital Darwinism on the hospitality industry. According to Altimeter Group Principal Analyst Brian Solis, hospitality companies must now provide a similarly seamless customer experience to leading digital companies like Uber, Tinder, and Dollar Shave Club.

From the article (translated):

In short, a fight against all of all the one in progress in the hotel industry (but the speech could be extended to other sectors of tourism), in which the “hospitality brands are now competing with competitors who do not belong to the same business. ” Also because, as claimed by Brian Solis , author of a whitepaper commissioned by Saber to Altimeter Group, “the guests of the third millennium do not care why a structure is not able to provide the same guest experience of Uber or Airbnb”.

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